Ring sizes listed on the shop are US-Canada standard sizes.

Measure the circumference

If you do not have a fetish ring at your disposal, you can measure the turn of your finger. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Wrap a non-stretchable string (very important) or a 1 cm thick paper strip at the second phalanx at the widest point of your finger. It is not necessary that the string or the paper is too tight or too loose because in both cases, the raised size will not be the good one

Step 2: Mark where the string or paper meets.

Step 3: Put the string or paper on a flat surface

Step 4: Measure the distance between the end of the string or paper and the marking. This distance corresponds to your fingertip.

Step 5: Validate the measurement in millimeters at the ring size below
Size 3: 44.2 mm
Size 3.5: 45.5 mm
Size 4: 46.8 mm
Size 4.5: 48 mm
Size 5: 49.3 mm
Size 5.5: 50.6 mm
Size 6: 51.9 mm
Size 6.5: 53.1 mm
Size 7: 54.4 mm
Size 7.5: 55.7 mm
Size 8: 57 mm
Size 8.5: 58.3 mm
Size 9: 59.5 mm
Size 9.5: 60.8 mm
Size 10: 62.1 mm
Size 10.5: 63.4 mm
Size 11: 64.6 mm
Size 11.5: 65.9 mm
Size 12: 67.2 mm
Size 12.5: 68.5 mm
Size 13: 69.7 mm

If the fingertip is between two sizes, it is advisable to take the larger size

The fingertip is variable depending on the time of day and the heat of your finger. That is why it is advisable to take this measure at the end of the day (when your finger is the warmest), because the cold tends to shrink the finger.

Measuring fingertips is a good method to determine the correct ring size. In addition, this method is economical and easy to do. However, to make sure that the picked size is the right one, do not hesitate to repeat this method several times.

Here is a conversion table for the quantities on the site (US-Canada) for their equivalence French (Europe)

Tableau de conversion grandeur bague canada-europe