Sterling silver

The sterling silver usually used is sterling silver 925 (92.5% pure sterling silver). All our sterling silver jewelry Origin Engraving, are 95% pure sterling silver. So are jewelry high-end quality jewelry.

If you opt for a sterling silver jewel (silver color) you can wear this jewel at all times.

Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow or Rose Gold

Although sterling silver is of high quality, the rings in sterling silver and 18k yellow or rose gold can not be worn at all times. You must therefore remove them for contacts with water (dishes, shower, swimming pool, spa etc ...)

Gold plating made of 18 carat gold can tarnish or fade with too long use.

Real Gold

Jewelery made of pure gold 10 carats of high quality. Resistant jewelry that can be worn for life.


Metal that is virtually impossible to scratch, has a resistance comparable to that of a diamond, and the brightness of a mirror. Most often use for jewelry for men. Jewelry can be worn for life.

Stainless steel

Material of high quality, durable and very resistant. Can be worn at all times it is also hypoallergenic