Birthstone and symbol


Pierre de naissance Janvier

Garnets, which are fine stones, were called in the middle ages of carbuncles. These stones then accompanied the crusaders who went to complete the holy wars. They had to bring them strength and courage to face the unknown who was waiting for them.

The garnet brings dynamics for the release of winter and the new beginning of the beginning of the year. For people who are receptive to her energy, she will help them build their self-determination and self-confidence, so it's an ideal stone for new tasks and new goals.

Astrology and birthstone

Traditionally attached to the month of January, as part of the stones of birth, the garnet is associated with Aquarius and Capricorn.


Amethyst is associated with the shortest month of the year. This stone has a color that varies from pale mauve to deep purple, but never has other colors. It is a gem that can have many variations including within the same stone. These variations bring to a stone a unique peculiarity. It symbolizes sincerity and wisdom. The wearing of an amethyst jewel will allow many people to feel more fulfilled and relaxed.

Astrology and birthstone

Pierre of the month of February, Amethyst is often associated with Pisces. The lack of self-confidence that the fish may have can be thwarted by amethyst. Of a great adaptability, the fish knows to be carried by the current. Amethyst will bring him confidence and protection.


Aquamarine (or aquamarine) is awarded in March. This fine stone belongs to the family of beryls, it is particularly translucent and offers a variation of relatively light blue. Its name, the aquamarine reminiscent of seawater that could be described as paradise. This stone is usually associated with innocence, perseverance and youth.

Astrology and birthstone

In astrology the signs associated with the aquamarines are the fisces and the Aries. These two signs often represent characters alternately introverted or bellicose. In both cases, the aquamarine will manage to allay the fears of one and the outbursts of the other. It is a stone that tempers and promotes expression.


Among the birthstones, there is one that stands out as soon as we talk about gem and jewelery, it's the diamond. Indeed this stone is associated with the month of April. This month begins the big season of weddings and with it that of alliances and diamonds. But it is also associated with births in April. It allows to celebrate properly the births of that month.

Astrology and birthstone

In Greek mythology, diamonds were the tears of gods. They were later frequently used for jewelry, but also to accessorize clothing especially in the eighteenth century.

In astrology, the diamond is associated with the Aries. The hardness of the gem will be able to face the harshness of the bellicose character of the Aries. The diamond will accompany the trends too bright and carried away from the aries to offer shine and shine.


This is how the emerald with its pretty green color gets married in the delicate month of May. With the celebration of spring at its peak and beautiful days filled with sunshine, emerald jewelry regains all its brilliance and brilliance.

Astrology and birthstone

In astrology, the emerald is associated with the sign of the Taurus. The latter is a sign of land deeply rooted in reality and for whom the need for nature is permanent. The thousand facets of emerald green will satisfy the satiate of his need of nature. Gemstone, the emerald is solid and nuanced. These two traits can also be associated with taurus. The emerald is also related to the signs of cancer and capricorn.


The month of June, its sweetness and its generous sunshine resemble the characteristics of the pink Alexandrite. With their moire and multiple reflections, they are very well suited to the mildness of life of the month of June.

Astrology and birthstone

Due to its aquatic origin, cultured pearls are linked to water signs and particularly to signs of cancer.
The symbolism and mythology surrounding pearls are numerous and exist in many places around the world.


The characteristics of the stones and the virtues that are conferred upon them accompany the natives of those months. Thus the month of July has for its birthstone the ruby. Precious stone, the ruby is adorned with a beautiful bright red color. The sun of the beautiful summer days will illuminate jewels adorned with rubies. Ruby is naturally associated with courage

Astrology and birthstone

The leo associates with the ruby, sign of fire, the temperament of the Leo is as strong as the brilliance of the ruby. The ruby also accompanies cancer, which draws strength and determination that is sometimes lacking. Ruby infuses or strengthens confidence. It is a precious stone that will accompany all temperaments and will accentuate certain traits. Thus the leo-ruby duo will not go unnoticed!


The month of August is represented by a luminous stone, but nevertheless rather little plebiscite: the peridot. It is a fine stone that has a bright green color, quite clear. it is a symbol of serenity, purity and love.

The green shade of the peridot is quite fresh and it brings a light touch beneficial at the height of the hot season.

Astrology and birthstone

The peridot is easily associated with the following astrological signs: leo, libra, capricorn and taurus. The birthstone of August, however, it is with the lion that she forms the duo the most remarkable.


Each month of the year is associated with a stone and the month of September combines perfectly with the deep blue sapphire. This precious stone belongs to the same family as the ruby: the corundum family. Blue sapphire is also considered the stone of fidelity.

Astrology and birthstone

Stone of wisdom, justice and truth, sapphire is a stone that has been much appreciated since antiquity. Indeed, the Romans and Egyptians gave the sapphires powers of truth. Signs of Sagittarius, Virgo and Taurus are the three zodiac signs associated with sapphire. But being the birthstone of September, the sapphire and linked to the astrological sign of the libra. The sapphire is given soothing and highly spiritual virtues that would help meditation in particular. Constantly looking for the right balance, wearing sapphire will help the scales to feel more in harmony.


It is the tourmaline which accompanies the births of October. The multiple colors of which tourmaline knows how to adorn oneself will undoubtedly delight the natives of this beautiful autumn month. It helps to free our anxieties, to prevent disappointments in relationships and couples by helping to regulate our faculties of love. It helps to increase self-esteem. It is a beneficial stone to find the joy and enthusiasm of life. It is attached to the heart chakra.

Astrology and birthstone

The pisces are those with which tourmaline associates the most, however the bright and varied colors which it can adorn well with the births of October. Tourmaline has virtues that can dispel fears, neutralize negative energies.


November is associated with yellow topaz and citrine. This usually gray, rainy and cold month will be enlivened by the soft light of topaz and citrine. A warm color that will be noticed at its fair value. Symbol of glory among the ancients, yellow is the color of the 3rd chakra, which corresponds to self-esteem, ego, power and power.

Astrology and birthstone

Birthstone of the month of November, the citrine combines perfectly with the sign of Sagittarius. On the energetic side, it also goes very well with the temperaments of Aquarians, Aries, Gemini, Lions and Sagittarius. She is bright and she inspires.

They lend him the virtues of prosperity which made one put one formerly in the drawer of a cash register. Charged with the color of the sun, it is said to be effective in overcoming fear, fears and phobias. Citrine and yellow topaz are adorned with many virtues that some people are sensitive to.


Blue topaz is a light and light stone, which can be cut into different shapes and volumes. This stone shares the title role of the birthstones of December with the Tanzanite, blue (purplish) also. The coolness of the blue topaz goes perfectly with the winter. Blue topaz is associated with courage. It is a traditional stone for writers, scholars, artists and intellectuals, also used to help with great thoughts. It helps, it is said, to calm mental anguish and to promote fidelity, friendship, gentleness, and integrity.

Astrology and birthstone

Birthstone of the month of December, the blue topaz combines perfectly with the signs of Sagittarius, but also that of Gemini. The blue topaz inspires by its clarity and transparency, it helps to soothe and regulate moods. Wearing it makes you feel more relaxed and serene.

The virtues of blue topaz are multiple and if they agree well with the signs of the zodiac above, it is no less true that everyone can wear this gem and feel the benefits if it is sensitive to the effects of lithotherapy.

All the beauty of a birthstone!

Whether you choose for your birth month, your astrological sign or your favorite color, your jewelry creation will be just as sublime and unique. The only limit is your imagination!